How to create a Custom Case?

Step 1- the Design

For collages, an app we recommend is PicCollage, select wallpaper size or 80x160mm. Then create your collage on the app and save it. To test if your photo is the correct size, try making it your phone wallpaper, if it fits there without cutting anyone out, then it will fit on your case! If you're worried about the camera hole, just dm us after you've placed your order and we will make sure everything is okay. But do not worry, we always contact our customers if there are any issues, customer satisfaction is our number one priority.

Step 2- Uploading the design & checkout 

Add your file to the drop box! then checkout and pay for your custom case

Step 3- Feedback

You are always welcome to request a template of your case after you have ordered and together we can edit to make your case perfect! 

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